Young babies’ memory, math and reasoning abilities, language and vocabulary skills all begin to develop rapidly very early in life - from before birth and for the first few years. Scientific studies have showed us a lot about how babies’ brains develop. The purpose of this program is to promote all cognitive skills to a higher level more strongly, quickly and effectively.

This course is designed to give information and instruction to parents that will enable them to help their babies’ and young childrens’ brains develop quicker and stronger. It takes very little time, it’s easy, and kids love it.

It involves music, but no musical ability or experience is necessary for the parents, children, or anyone in the family. The only skill the parent will need is the ability to count to 8. I’m trusting that’s ok :)

Benefits for the child include:

Increased memory capacity and function; greater learning ability for all subjects; better reasoning ability; better mathematical ability; better social skills; a higher level of self confidence - all of which leads to a generally happier disposition.



Joe (father of new-born):

“I play the C major scale on every piece of equipment I have. My guitars, piano, the little keyboard we used for class. I’m going to record Mary had a little lamb on the piano. She hears me playing anytime I sit in front of it (maybe for the worst - I’m still figuring out songs) as soon as she’s sitting up I’m going to put the little keyboard in front of her and let her hammer away … we’re getting close.

She absolutely loves her kick and play keyboard. But, thats merely a prelude to step one.”

“Many times we rob the “student” (in this case, the children) of the opportunity to learn. I can’t wait to use your approach with, not just music, but with most learning opportunities!

Thanks for the tune-up!”


Ayah (mother of 2):

“… loved taking the course.

It's definitely opened up our eyes to new ways of engaging with our kids and introducing them to music. 

Our littlest is now one and loves the piano. I can tell you that on several occasions, the only thing that soothed her has been a piano when she's been inconsolable. I literally have a piano app on my phone in case of emergencies. We are determined to get her classes when she's old enough…”


Bronwyn (Piano teacher):

“I really loved the class. If you ever do a more advanced theory class I’d be so in for it. I learnt a lot from you and am grateful.

For me - I loved the using your ear as well as learning to read. The two approaches offer such a more comprehensive approach. I also have a student who struggles with dyslexia and this approach is helping her so much. So I’m really grateful.

I used the whole interval thing in a lesson today. The whole singing 121, 131, 141 etc. it was great!”


... above comments from just 3 happy parents ...

Hi, I'm Neville.

Many of us want to change the world. Well...

maybe you can't change the world, but you can change YOUR world.

I’ve been a professional freelance musician since doing music college in Sydney Australia at the age of 25.

I’ve had the privilege of playing with many great musicians, some of them famous, some of them are the ones the famous go to for lessons. I’ve learned amazing things about music.

It’s science, in the form of sound. Our eyes comprehend and make sense of light, our ears comprehend and make sense of sound. We understand them instinctively.

We are born with a natural understanding of music, and by tapping into that while very young, the baby’s brain develops much stronger, especially the memory.

By starting around birth, your baby can develop an incredible memory, just through you providing the right environment for this to happen.

I believe a good memory is one of the biggest advantages in life. Intelligence is largely about memory.

This course explains some simple things to increase your baby's potential. It’s simple, requires no skill from you - only that you provide the situation for it to happen for your child right away in the beginning of their life.

... and, by the way… it can’t possibly hurt. You’re just letting the kid hear some music, and leaving a keyboard around for them to fool around with.

Give it a chance, I'm sure you’ll be glad you did.

video 1 for free right here:

This video has some useful info you can apply right away. It's easy, and your baby will love it.